12 Ideas for Social Media Stocking Stuffers

12 Ideas for Social Media Stocking Stuffers

It’s the busiest time of the year. As we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season, do you have everything you need for your social media marketing? Are you a small business or a blogger looking for cost-effective ways to thank customers? Here are a few ways I can help. 

1. Customised 2018 Planner (Printable, $9) – Any planner you want, the way you like it. Create a customised planner to give to your clients or friends from your small business. Delivery time : 5 business days depending on what is required. 

2. Social Kate’s 2018 printable planner (FREE) – 20 pages with a lot of soul for organising daily activities, social media, and self-care. You can download the planner for FREE

3. Write Planner (Printable, $9) – For the writer in your life, this planner helps them build a book based on an idea. It also includes 365 writing prompts. Pre-order the full planner HERE. Delivery time : 3 business days.

4. Blog Planner (Printable, $9) – Behind every successful blog is a well-used planner. Purchase the full planner HERE

5. Social Media Marketing Guide ($9) – Start 2018 with your ducks in a row. Keep your social media sharp with 12 customised quote buttons and stay ahead of your competition with 365 post ideas. This will be delivered as a zip folder with images and quarterly pdf printables. Pre-order the full planner HERE. Delivery time: 5 business days.

6. Prayer Journal (Printable, $9) – Gratitude and prayer journal which includes 365 prayers and insights for women in business. Delivery time: 5 business days. Pre-order HERE.

7. Instagram Uncoded ($9) – A 25-page manual that focuses on getting genuine Instagram followers, using the correct hashtags for your business and encouraging engagement among your followers. Delivery time: 5 business days. Pre-order HERE.

8. Facebook Engagement Uncoded ($9) – A 25-page manual that focuses on Facebook pages and building your community for your product or service. Delivery time: 5 business days. Pre-order HERE

9. Twitter Uncoded ($9) – A 25-page manual that focuses on using 280 characters at a time towards building your community and your brand. Delivery time: 5 business days. Pre-order HERE

10. Pinterest Uncoded ($9) – How can a bunch of pictures help my business? More than you think. A 25-page manual that focuses on using Pinterest boards and communities to build your brand. Delivery time: 5 business days. Pre-order HERE

11. Social Media Audit ($9) – You’ve got it all – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter – but still nothing? Sales are low? No one has heard of you? Social Kate’s social media audit will help point you in the right direction in setting up your social media and making it work for you. This stuffer comes with a written audit and a 2-hour tutorial. Delivery time: 5 business days. Pre-order HERE.

12. Giftcards / Christmas cards (Printable, $9 for 15 cards) – Offer personalised gift cards for your customers or readers. You can make it quirky, funny or simple and to the point. Delivery time: 5 business days. Pre-order HERE

From now until 24th December, purchase all of the above (items 1 to 12) for $99

7 thoughts on “12 Ideas for Social Media Stocking Stuffers

  1. I availed Kate’s planner services and I had no regret, it saved me alot of time and give some great ideas to help manage my business effectively, wow keep up the great work!

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  2. Kate’s planners are such a great asset to my business. She lays out all the details I need to make my life run so much easier. I’m not one for planning so Kate’s planner came at a perfect time in my business. I highly suggest purchasing the Blogging planner to help you in your business as well.

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  3. I was looking for the right 2018 planner for my business. I was going to take on the task of making it myself. Thank goodness for Social Kate’s 2018 Printable Planner. It has everything I want, plus things I didn’t even think of! I’m sure her other planners are just as helpful, and I’ll be back when I get things going with my business a bit more. Thanks Kate!


  4. I have received Kate’s blog planner and it is amazing! It really helped save me from the scrambling between notebooks to find information that I’m looking for. I love that I have a safe place to keep everything organized in this busy business world. Thanks so much!


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