Tuesday Tales: Happy Death Day (2017, Movie)

Tuesday & Thursday Tales: Join me as I share a favourite book or movie that I recently enjoyed. If you like to read as much as I do, feel free to add me on Goodreads.

Happy Death Day

Genre: Thriller, Mystery (PG13) 

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes 

My review: 4/5 stars (I more than liked it)

Find this movie on: IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes

One word to describe this movie – Quirky 

The story in 20 words or less – A spoilt college student needs to solve her own murder by reliving the same day over and over again.   

What I thought – The moment she wakes up the first time to the same day, Groundhog Day automatically comes to mind. I’m not a big fan of movies that copy concepts of older movies but Happy Death Day had a refreshing twist. Jessica Rothe plays Theresa or Tree who is murdered on her birthday. It takes a few attempts before she finally realises why she keeps reliving the same day. She embraces it and this is where the fun begins. 

The viewer is then invited to join her in eliminating suspects which also brings to light that Tree’s life priorities are skewered. She attempts to fix her relationship with her father. For me, this was the most important backstory. From the start of the movie, we know it’s her birthday. But we are eventually made aware that Tree and her mum shared the same birthday which makes her sad and has made keep her distance from her father. 

In the end, after several attempts on her life, the murderer is finally unveiled. An unexpected suspect with an expected motive. 

Why you should watch this movie – This is a coming of age movie with a mystery element. You have brief elements of horror and slashing but nothing that will shock you out of your seat. So if you like solving a mystery mixed with some girly feels, you’ll definitely like this movie. 

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