Wednesday Woes: What to Post on Social Media?

Wednesday Woes: What to Post on Social Media? 

Struggling To Come Up With Fresh New Ideas To Post On Social Media Every Day?

Grab And Deploy My 365-Day Content Strategy In Your Business And Stop Stressing Over Social

If you’ve ever wondered:

  • How top brands come out with high-quality content EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.
  • What social media platforms are most important for YOUR business
  • How often you should be posting to maximize your results
  • How to turn social engagement into sales

Then you’re in luck. Because I’m about to show you how to get a year’s worth of content lined up faster than you imagined possible.

But first…why is it so important to dial in your social media strategy in 2018?

Here’s the situation:

According to research by Hootsuite, every day there are 4.5 billion Likes on Facebook, over 500 million Tweets on Twitter, and 95 million photos and videos uploaded to Instagram.

And a study by Business Insider revealed that the average American is now spending over 12 hours per day consuming media.

In other words, your target audience is spending a whole lot of time on social media, just waiting to discover your brand.

But you need content to engage them!

And you can be sure that if you don’t create engaging content that attracts and keeps the attention of your audience….your competitors sure will!

The thing is – who has time for that when you are busy responding to clients, delivering your products or services, and making sure all your customers are happy?

That’s why I created the 365-Day Social Media Guide.

This guide is perfect for the busy entrepreneur who knows they should be on social but doesn’t have time to plan posts every day.

In fact, if you want a comprehensive social media strategy that runs pretty much on autopilot, then this is for you.

What will you receive?

    • 365 content ideas – including quirky holidays and other special promotional events
    • 150 personalized social media images and quote buttons that are unique to your business
    • Tips on how to post to each platform (Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook Groups, Click Funnels, Mailchimp)
    • You can personalise the guide by adding specific reminders for your business
    • BONUS – 2 hours of social media consultation to help you get started ($100 value)

Look, hiring an expert to manage and run your social media content strategy will set you back at least $750/mo…or $9000 a year!

Which is great if you’ve got the cash lying around for it.

Or, you can get my social media guide with 365 post ideas and have content planned for an entire year for just $111.

That’s just 30 cents a day to have your entire content calendar planned out! Not bad, right?

If you are interested in growing your social media platforms or in creating content that reaches out to your audience, this is your chance to start.

*Offer is no longer valid. 


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