Friday Freebie: FREE 5-Day Clarity Challenge

FREE 5-Day Clarity Challenge

You’ve got a website, you’re on as many social media platforms as you can be, you’re following all the advice you can get from online groups, downloading every freebie you can get your hands on in the hope that all of these steps will lead to a lot of sales. 

But … crickets.

If this is you and you’re wondering what to fix and how to fix, I’ve put together a FREE 5-DAY BUSINESS CLARITY CHALLENGE. 

What’s included the challenge:
– Day 1: Your Content 

– Day 2: Your Website 

– Day 3: Lead magnets 

– Day 4: Facebook lives

– Day 5: Navigating Canva

– Day 6: Bonus 

Join the 5-day Clarity Challenge (15 March to 15 April) to win a $150 gift card for any of my services and $350 in cash. That’s $500 you can use for your business. 

If you’re feeling you’re all over the place and need some clarity, take the first step towards aligning your business and generating leads. Ready? 


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