Note: Services are listed by popularity and availability. Payment is due before services are rendered. All payments are collected via PayPal. 

  • Availability: Limited availability from June to December 2018 
  • I’m currently not doing clarity calls until further notice. 
  • If you have any questions about services or printables listed on this page, please use the contact form below to get in touch with me 

Lead Me ($111) – Struggling to find customers on social media? Not sure where to start? This package offers the following :

  • Google My Business set up 
  • Lead Generation (minimum 10 leads) 
So You've Got A Business

So You’ve Got A Business – Website Management & SEO


Social Media All In ($555) – Struggling to find customers on social media? Not sure where to start? This package comes with 25 hours that includes any or all of the following :

  • Book marketing and/or book reviews 
  • Setting up and/or managing your Facebook group
  • 2 blog posts or more with stock photos
  • 30-day content plan and strategy for specific social media platforms
  • Google My Business set up 
  • Lead Generation (minimum 10 leads) 
  • Convert your Facebook lives into blog posts and content for other social media
  • 30-day content strategy for Facebook Lives 
  • Branding kit with style board (colours, font type, and image composition)
  • Website management (WordPress)
  • Lead magnet content creation and set-up (MailChimp, Convert Kit or Constant Contact)
  • Course creation and management (Kajabi, Course Craft or Thinkific)
  • Contest & Giveaway management
  • E-store management (Shopify, Etsy)

What *cannot* be done with these 25 hours: 

  • Website design or creation 
  • Facebook  or Instagram ad set up or ad spend 
  • GDPR compliance check
So You've Got A Business

90-Day Content Strategy


Conversion Booster ($55) – Do you have enough content for your social media? Are you connecting with ALL of your audience to convert them into paying customers? Are you doing Facebook Lives? What if someone in your audience prefers reading your blog? Has your blog been abandoned? 

But blogging is a thing of the past, no? It’s very much alive, actually. Look at Problogger.  How are you going to find the time to do Facebook Lives, update your blog, update your social media and deal with customers? 

Enter, me. This service option helps you generate content for your social media: 

  • 1x Blog Post approximately 1000 words with 2 stock images
  • 30-day content planner for Facebook pages 
  • 30 content suggestions for Facebook groups 
  • 15x Instagram posts (as per your branding)
  • 3x Content ideas for your Facebook live

Mobile Love ($22) – Looking for new ways to spread the love about your business? Ask your friends or existing clients to use a mobile wallpaper with your business details attached. 

This service option gives you 11 mobile wallpapers for Apple and Android phones. To view samples, please click here 

Mobile Love


GDPR Compliance Check ($55) – GDPR came into effect on 25 May. If your website has a mailing list, you will need to update it to be GDPR compliant irrelevant of which country you are based in. I can assist in making sure your website and your mailing list are GDPR compliant with the following items:

  • General understanding and Q & A about GDPR
  • Reviewing and updating your privacy policy
  • Personal data analysis with steps on how to be GDPR compliant 
  • Mailing list analysis with steps on how to be GDPR compliant 
  • Lead magnets and GDPR compliance

What happens once payment is made? I’ll check in with you for your website link and details about your email list. 

Disclaimer: I have spent the last 3 months researching all aspects of GDPR and all documents have been vetted by a UK-based solicitor. I am not a lawyer. The info I am sharing is intended to save you time and is not intended to be a substitute for legal advice and should not be relied upon as such.

GDPR Compliance Check


Social Media Marketing Monthly Guide ($5.55) – This guide is perfect for the busy entrepreneur who knows they should be on social but doesn’t have time to plan posts every day. In fact, if you want a comprehensive social media strategy that runs pretty much on autopilot, then this is for you.

What will you receive?

    • 30 content ideas – including quirky holidays and other special promotional events
    • Tips on how to post to each platform (Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook Groups, Click Funnels, Mailchimp)

52 Ways to Break Visibility Barriers


Social Media Audit ($11 per platform) – You’ve got it all – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter – but still nothing? Sales are low? No one has heard of you? Social Kate’s social media audit will help point you in the right direction in setting up your social media and making it work for you.

Social Media Audit


Hashtag Love ($11) – If you need help with using the right hashtags for your business, this is the gig for you. I will list out relevant hashtags in order of popularity and platform (Twitter & Instagram).

Hashtag Love


Write Planner (Printable, $5.55) – If you are a writer and you want to be challenged on a daily basis, this customised planner helps you build a book based on an idea. Full subscription includes 365 writing prompts, writing tips, social media marketing tips, and book marketing tips.

The Write Planner


Blog Planner (Printable, $5.55) – Behind every successful blog is a well-used planner. This planner includes an idea board, post planner, giveaway tracker, affiliate tracker and more. 

Blog Planner


Content Writing($75 to $2000) – If you don’t have the time to write your book, blog posts or marketing collateral, this is the gig for you. All content is personalised and turnaround depends on my current workload.

Depending on the type of content and price range, this also includes marketing your book once you are ready to upload to Amazon or other platforms. If you need items within 24 hours, an additional surcharge may apply. 

*Not available until further notice. 

Customised Planner (Printable, $55) – Any planner you want, the way you like it. Create a customised planner to give to your clients or friends from your small business. 

*Not available until further notice.