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  • I do clarity calls via phone but I am currently unable to do video calls. The first 30 minutes of the clarity call is free. Subsequent talk time will be chargeable.
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Does your business look like this?
But you want it to look like this?

Business Alignment ($999) –  Listened to all the online advice you could get your hands on? Downloaded every freebie you have seen. Trying to start your business but not sure what goes first? This is the service for you.

This service option will align your business to ensure you generate leads and you’re able to grow your lead generation within the next 3 months. Price includes:

  • 20 hours of coaching and virtual assistant tasks which include social media set-up and management. 
  • Branding kit with style board (colours, font type, and image composition)
  • Website management (WordPress)
  • Lead magnet content creation and set-up (MailChimp, Convert Kit or Constant Contact)
  • Course creation and management (Kajabi, Course Craft or Thinkific)

Samples of collateral used to guide you towards creating value and solving problems for your ideal customer can be viewed HERE

Use the contact form below to get in touch with me or book a 30-minute free clarity call with me.

Content Writing ($75 to $2000) – If you don’t have the time to write your book, blog posts or marketing collateral, this is the gig for you. All content is personalised and turnaround depends on my current workload.

Depending on the type of content and price range, this also includes marketing your book once you are ready to upload to Amazon or other platforms. If you need items within 24 hours, an additional surcharge may apply. 

Topic or theme is needed to quote an exact price. Use the contact form below to get in touch with me or book a 30-minute free clarity call with me.

Social media consulting ($222 to $999 per month) – I have more than 10 years experience managing social media presence and WordPress websites for self-published authors, small businesses (cafes and boutiques) and online businesses. To view my monthly packages, please click HERE.

Use the contact form below to get in touch with me or book a 30-minute free clarity call with me.

  • Basic WordPress website set-up & management 
  • Social media training 
  • Content creation for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Twitter 
  • E-commerce store set up (Shopify, Gumroad & Sendowl) 
  • Newsletter (Mailchimp, Convertkit
  • Giveaway & contest: Creation and management 
  • Contacting bloggers/influencers for your book, product or service

Customised Planner (Printable, $55) – Any planner you want, the way you like it. Create a customised planner to give to your clients or friends from your small business. 

Customised Daily Planner


Social Media Marketing Monthly Guide ($333) – This guide is perfect for the busy entrepreneur who knows they should be on social but doesn’t have time to plan posts every day. In fact, if you want a comprehensive social media strategy that runs pretty much on autopilot, then this is for you.

What will you receive?

    • 365 content ideas – including quirky holidays and other special promotional events
    • 150 personalized social media images and quote buttons that are unique to your business
    • Tips on how to post to each platform (Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook Groups, Click Funnels, Mailchimp)
    • You can personalise the guide by adding specific reminders for your business
    • BONUS – 2 hours of social media consultation to help you get started ($100 value)

Social Media Guide


Social Media Audit ($22 per platform) – You’ve got it all – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter – but still nothing? Sales are low? No one has heard of you? Social Kate’s social media audit will help point you in the right direction in setting up your social media and making it work for you.

Social Media Audit


Hashtag Love ($22) – If you need help with using the right hashtags for your business, this is the gig for you. I will list out relevant hashtags in order of popularity and platform (Twitter & Instagram).

Hashtag Love


Write Planner (Printable, $55) – If you are a writer and you want to be challenged on a daily basis, this customised planner helps you build a book based on an idea. Full subscription includes 365 writing prompts, writing tips, social media marketing tips, and book marketing tips.

The Write Planner


Blog Planner (Printable, $22) – Behind every successful blog is a well-used planner. This planner includes an idea board, post planner, giveaway tracker, affiliate tracker and more. 

Blog Planner