So You’ve Got A Business (JVZoo)

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So You've Got A BusinessWhy do you have a website? Are you struggling with visibility? Are you struggling to make consistent sales? What if your business is brick and mortar, do you still need to be online? Do you really need thousands of followers before you can achieve any success in your business? Does social media confuse you? 

If this sounds like you, let’s change this, right now.

The “So You’ve Got A Business” course (valued at more than $5555) covers all the tools and methods you will need to increase visibility and reach more customers for your business, such as:

  • Identifying your target audience
  • Google My Business
  • Facebook Ads, Groups and Lives content and strategy
  • Instagram content and strategy
  • Twitter content and strategy
  • Pinterest content and strategy
  • Branding strategy 
  • Customer Loyalty / Retention Programme
  • 90-day marketing strategy customised for your business (valued at $333)
  • 90-day content strategy customised for your business (valued at $333)
  • Website management and SEO (valued at $555 per month)
  • GDPR compliance kit


  • Weekly one-to-one sessions via Facebook audio or Voxer (valued at $1,650)
  • Daily assignments and motivations via email (valued at $333)
  • Featured business at Social Media Two Cents (valued at $35)


  • No more than an hour a day for 60 days 


  • Increased leads and revenue for your business 
  • Better networking skills for social media
  • Knowing which social media platform is best for your business
  • A clearer understanding of social media for your business

All of the above for $1,111. That’s $18.52 a day. One time payment. Payment plans can be arranged. It’s a small investment compared to the ROI you can make from “So You’ve Got A Business.” 

“So You’ve Got A Business” is about you saving time and having enough time to focus on what matters most, keeping your customers happy.

Are you ready to increase sales and become more visible? Let’s go.

So You've Got A Business