Ice-cream & Waffles

We’ve worked with Kate for more than 3 years and when it’s come to her social media skills, the question we ask is what can’t Kate do? She’s taken our brand from a tiny shop to a chain.

In the 3 years, she has grown our social media from zero to a reach of 100,000 people. She has generated customers from Facebook & Instagram advertising, managed Google My Business, had our flagship outlet go viral on a local tourism Facebook page, helped us stay afloat during nationwide floods and recently, is helping us move locations while keeping our customers informed every step of the way. 

Social media is baffling to us (my wife and I are well past our used by dates) and Kate has made the effort seem easy. One of her biggest and most exciting achievements to date is the app we use to keep track of our regular customers via mobile numbers and emails. Without Kate, our marketing efforts would be zero and we’re proud to have her on our team.