Good writing takes you on a journey. And that’s exactly what happens when you read Kate’s writing – you travel with the characters and the story, all the while the pace of your emotions a rhythmic ebb and flow.
The uniqueness of her storytelling enables the reader to empathise, even in just a small way, to the situation that is unfolding. It’s crystal clear to the reader that Kate’s craft has been honed purely from life experience – and that kind of raw honesty is always so refreshing and admirable to read.
Kate’s writing is compelling, inspiring and, above all, enviable. Her characters are wonderfully bold and brave, and they are memorable – which is quite a feat for any author.
You’ll come away from Kate’s characters wanting to keep in touch – or at least with the good guys! Kate brings characters to life with her unique take on day-to-day struggles and strife. One can relate to her writing, even if one has not necessarily experienced what is being discussed. That’s a real gift to have – to evoke empathy with words.- Jennie Wright, Production Editor at SAGE Publications